Great BItter Lake Association Catalogue

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Great Bitter Lake Association
Collector`s Encyclopaedia
Stamp Catalogue

Peter Valdner (updated 2021)

Slovenská verzia, kliknite

As the first edition (below) is out of stock, I have compiled the second one (above). Not only renamed and amplified to 336 pages, but with more than 100 new and/or better pictures, more encyclopaedic data on ships, masters, stamp producers.... even with 100+ new colour pictures of stamps and other collectibles.

The book is a much larger format (about A4) and the consignment is over 1 kg heavy, so postage is higher. To reduce cost, I have cancelled the ISBN. It sells postpaid 129,50 Eur in EU, 139,50 Eur overseas, now. Payment to IBAN, for Paypal add 6%. Naturally, the book is again available to swap for GBLA items. Prices on ebay and/or Delcampe are higher, as they include their fees.



Part 1 GBLA

6          Foreword
7          Acknowledgements
8          Abbreviations
9          Introduction
12        Chapter 1       GBLA for general public and stamp collectors
51        Chapter 2       Ships
66        Chapter 3       GBLA for collectors of postal history
86        Chapter 4       Pioneers in GBLA stamp production

Part 2 GBLA for ASFE Collectors

89        Introduction
93        Chapter 5       GBLA for ASFE collectors – individual ships
109      Chapter 6       GBLA for ASFE collectors – ships moored together
119      Chapter 7       GBLA for ASFE collectors – stamps with names of more ships,
                                    clubs and associations

Part 3 M/S Lednice

123      Introduction  
125      The Lednice Story

183      Conclusion
184      Epilogue

Part 4 Stamp Catalogue

185                  Introduction
190                  CSR MS Lednice, LEDMELAGA
203                  BGR MS Vassil Levsky
205                  DEU MS Münsterland, Nordwind, MUWINIKI, MUWINIKIES
231                  FRA MS Sindh
235                  GBR MS Agapenor, Melampus, Port Ivercargill, Scottish Star,
                                    Neleus, AGALAMPUS, PORTSTAR
251                  NOR MS MUWINIKIES
254                  POL MS Boleslaw Bierut, Djakarta, DJAKBIER, 
324                  SWE MS Killara, Nippon, NIPPARA
328                  USA S/S African Glen
331                  Imitations

I have compiled the book originally  for ASFE (= A Stamp From Everywhere) collectors. ASFE collecting is explained in the book.

Sample pages (reduced):


I have available scans of GBLA related items in my archives, which would be enough for a 1000+ pages book, but the cost of printing would be enormous. So from time to time, I will upload next articles on GBLA to this blog. They will be about the best GBLA artists and stamp producers (Captain Benda, Captain Kasprzyk), GBLA items, GBLA values and prices and offer news from the GBLA stamp community.

1. Why the new book on the GBLA when Postage Stamps of the Great Bitter Lake Association by Captain Bryan Hill from 1975 already exists?

Answer: The book was B/W, is out of print and extremely hard to find. From time to time, it appears at auctions and sells as much as 80 GBP.  In my catalogue, there are at least 1000 stamps more and shown in color. Captain Hill wrote the book for his fellow seamen. The readers find there many background stories, that led to issuing stamps. Stamps were printed in many different ways, described in the book. So the book is an excellent supplement to the Encyclopaedia. If you need a copy, consult me.

2. Are there values in the catalogue?
Answer: Yes, there are. And not only stamps, also sheets, covers and wide range of paper items, such as photos, documents, programs, invitations, beer mats, etc. are valued.

3. Do you collect GBLA?
Answer: Yes, I have a collection, formed for 50 years. So proposals to swap the book for GBLA items are welcome.
4. Are there many forgeries of GBLA items? 
Answer: No, not yet. Just many imitations. Unaware collectors spend a fortune on worthless items.  Some of them are shown in articles on this blog. All are shown in the catalogue.